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    Unanswered: S04E abend with reason code 00E20004

    When I am running a DB2 program I am getting S04E abend code with "00E20004" as reason code.
    When I look into the explanation for the reason code
    Explanation: In order to satisfy an unconditional request for storage
    the get variable storage function needed to obtain additional storage
    (from GETMAIN) to expand a storage pool. However, the pool attributes
    defined at the time the pool was created indicated that the pool was
    already at maximum size.
    whats the spool? I am unable to loacte to which spool the explanation speaks about
    Please help me

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    You should read "Please read before posting", as the number one request is:

    1) Every question posted must include your DB2 Version, fixpack and Edition + your Operating System(including version info) + info on any third party software you use.

    But it sounds like DB2 on z/OS or OS/390. If you check the messages guide, under 'Problem Determination', you'll see there in information logged in SYS1.LOGREC, and you should have taken a DB2 dump. Register 4 contains the address of the pool (not spool) header block (PHB). You can also check the Diagnosis Guide for more info on gathering and reposting this error.

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