Hi there can anyone help

I have been asked to design a report for spendage on mobile phones over the year.

I have 12 seperate databases with the mobile information Apr03 to March 04
which are all linked together by the phone number

Apr --(Linked by Mobile no) --> May --- (Linked By Mobile no) --->all the way to ----> Mar (Linked By Mobile no)

then the March mobile database link into a database which has a list of all the mobile numbers and costcentre (Costcentre are locations within the company) then that links into the company Hierarchy database so it looks like this.

Mobiles April03 ---(Linked by Mobile No. ) ----> Mobiles March04 --(Linked By Mobile No) -----> Mobile Vs Costcentre --- (Linked By Costcentre) --------> Company Hierarchy.

When i run the report the grand total of record that should be in the report start ticking up , has anybody had this trouble before and do you know how to solve it, This is a drill down report i am making and am using MS Access 2000 for my databases

If you need any more information let me know

Hope this makes sense