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    Unanswered: Service Manager won't start after reboot

    Got an issue:

    I am running SQL Server 7.0 on a Web server and recently the SQL Server has been acting up. Basically what happens is every time the server is restarted the Service Manager fails to restart. I even get an error telling me that the service failed to start. So, when I log back in I have to physically restart the Service Manager. I have the services set to start automatically. Can anyone direct me where to look...perhaps a SQL Server log that might give me a clue. My application and error logs only tell me that it stops. Any ideas?

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    ...which of the services is failing?

    ..also check to make sure the userid and password are what you intended for
    each service.

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    Before you overwrite all the logs by starting the service go to LOGS subdirectory and examine the ones that you see there (ERRORLOG, ERRORLOG.1, etc.) At the bottom of each file you will (or will not if the server was shut down by pressing THE button or pulling the plug) see the reason for the service to stop. A true reason may be a couple of lines above, but I'd look into every line and try to draw events chronology.
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