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    Unanswered: Foxpro MyODBC and MYSQL Performance Issue

    We recently decided to take our dated Foxpro 3 system and restructure.

    Started with MYSQL 4 on a W2k3 server and uploaded a table with 30000 records.

    Using MySQL-Front we can issue
    "select * from parts" which returns a all records in about 3 seconds. Quite acceptable for 30k records.

    Using Foxpro 5 or even 9 and MyODBC with an SQL pass through
    conn=sqlconnect("Genesys SQL","user","pass")
    =sqlexec(conn,"select * from parts","tempcursor")

    it takes over a minute to create tempcursor. There is no logging/tracing active. You can actually see Foxpro slowly grabing records in batches of 100.

    Anyone have any ideas why we are experiencing such bad performance with this setup?


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    Found Solution

    On further study we found when performing a select command from Foxpro the CPU useage hit 100% and stayed there.

    Ironically the solution was to DE-install XP service Pack 1. There is a patch (we don't know what) within XP SP1 that is creating this problem.

    Any ideas are greatly welcomed.

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