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    Unhappy Unanswered: Problems creating a database on Windows XP Home Edition


    I have installed the latest available version of MySQL available for Windows (NT,ME,XP, etc), it has all installed fine as far as I can see, the MySQL Administrator has run ok, i set up the username and password as expected, all seems to be ok. I am running on a local machine, thus the binding IP address is, all connections seem to be ok.
    However, when I go into mysql at command prompt, and use the following command "create database snort;", i get a message stating I do not have the required privileges and access is denied, which is very starnge as there is only one account set up under my machine which is mine that is operating at administrator level

    Does anyone have any incite into why this is happenng?


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    At the C prompt type :-

    mysql --user=root mysql

    The mysql command prompt "mysql>" will now be displayed. Type

    Grant all on *.* to 'username'@'%' identified by 'password'

    Now instead of typing loads of commands in detail download MySQL Front from Which is a windows based editor for the database. Complete the username and password as above.

    Hint. Leave the database box empty so MySQLFront displays all databases including the "user" table where you can go and add more users and set permissions properly.

    Anything doesn't work its in the manual in the docs folder of Mysql!

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