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    Unanswered: ifup problems with mac address

    I have multiple IP addresses on my machines ( 5 machines) and there are 1 class C of IPs. The computers switch between using the different IP addresses.

    The problem I'm having is I'm creating all the files needed:


    Setup on these interfaces' are perfect when you try to bring them up the first time.

    I bring them up using ifup eth0, which brings up all my devices pertaining to eth0. But when I remove those IPs from that server and try to use them on another, usuing the ifdown eth0 on one server, then ifup eth0 on the second only the first interface works properly and the rest do not. The only thing I could think of is that they are not going and reassigning the MAC address in the router. but I'm unable to change router configurations and I need a way to bring the interfaces up faster... besides issuing the command

    ifup eth0 | ifup eth0:0 | ifup eth0:1 | ifup eth0:2 | ifup eth0:3

    Is there a faster way to do this?

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    Seems complicated to me, maybe you could get a good answer if you post the question in forum, there are many specialized guru's there.
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