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    Unanswered: insert record problem


    Here's my problem.

    I have a table called MAIN with MID(2-digit number) and COD(5-digit number) as the primary key(combined). I have another table called HISTORY which monitors changes to records of MAIN. It also uses the MID and COD, plus a field called NUM which combined with the MID and COD creates a Primary key. HISTORY and MAIN have a one to many relationship.

    - MID - Primary
    - COD - Key

    - MID - Primary
    - COD -
    - NUM - Keys
    - EVENT- should be 1 initially
    - WHEN - Date the record was added.

    I regularly receive a file that contains the old and new records. They get imported to MailDBImport which in turn I ue to update MAIN and HISTORY tables. The new records need to be added to MAIN. How should my query look like if I only want to import the new records?

    Also, I need to create a record in the HISTORY table for each of the new MAIN records added. How can I do an INSERT statement to create a record in HISTORY that would copy the MID and COD from MAIN and also add my own values to the record? I tried this statement and it gives me an error.

    INSERT INTO History ( MID, COD_IIN, 1,1,#06/30/2004#,1,TRUE) SELECT MID, COD_IIN FROM MailDBImport WHERE (((MailDBImport.MID) Not In (SELECT Main.MID FROM Main INNER JOIN History ON (Main.COD_IIN = History.COD_IIN) AND (Main.MID = History.MID))) AND (MailDBImport.COD_IIN) Not In (SELECT Main.COD_IIN FROM Main INNER JOIN History ON (Main.COD_IIN = History.COD_IIN) AND (Main.MID = History.MID))))

    Once this statement gets fixed, how could I make the date(06/30/2004) reflect today's date instead of having to manually edit the query?

    Hope someone here can help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    insert into tableA values (1, date())
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