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    Unanswered: Just A simple Question

    this a long ending debate between a friend and me.... following up with the example of the database that i posted earlier today.... i have another incury to you guys...


    This is how i understand it... an employee has a project, therefore the project has a timer, status and activities.... am i correct?

    what my collage was implying is that the employee has the project and the employee has the Timer, and ProjectStatus and the Aactivities....

    Who is correct in this one? this is a long ending debate

    can anybody help us
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    I'd say bofem (both of them). Each Employee has to have a timer to track his/her involvement in the project. Each Project needs a timer to track its duration. If you rely only on Employee's timer, then the total amount of time may be in hundreds of years and you total everybody's time, simply because more than one employee can potentially work on the same project.

    If, on the other hand, you choose to rely only on Project's timer, you will not be able to account for each employee's contribution to the project, thus - firing may start
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    I agree. If you don't design this upfront, you will end up doing it later. You also might want to be able to say an employees attributes are attached to certain elements of a projects attributes. That would be a real fun design. Then you throw templates into the mix. Great fun.
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