I have a pair of win 2k servers, one running OHS 904 and the other the database with approx 100 users accessing the system on and off during the day.

For some reason the ohs loses connection with the database and any sessions that are currently connected just get a generic "Service Temporarily Unavailable" error returned to them. Even if they close their browser and try to relogon they still have the same issue. If I try to connect and therefore make a new connection that works fine (proving both database and ohs are running fine), but all the existing connections that the ohs has open do not work until they time out.

Had anyone had a similar issue and if so how did they resolve it? I realise I can lower the PlsqlIdleSessionCleanupInterval to 1 (rather than the default 15) but this is going to reduce performance for the user if ohs is having to create new connections all the time!