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    Unanswered: DB2 v7 for OS390 CCSID´s

    It´s a question about ASCII CCSID´s.

    We are not using ASCII objects and don´t plan to do. So in installation time we specified EBCDID code 500 (latin international) and ASCII default value 0.

    Now we are receiving warning messages (in console, compilation jobs...) concerning that value of 0. I want to change it and get rid of those messages, but in the CCSID´s table included in the installation manual doesn´t appear any ASCII code related to EBCDIC 500/1148 (???). Maybe 819 would work... It´s really not something critical, but I wouldn´t like to put just anything and get by, and did not find specific information from ibm.

    Does anybody knows for sure?

    Thank you so much

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    We installed V7 over a year ago, and I had no problem with accepting the default of 0 for ZPARM ASCSID. However, if you are just installing V7 now, the maintenance may be more finicky about CCSIDs because of V8's implementation of Unicode (just attended an IDUG presentation on V8 Unicode and CCSIDs by Chris Crone of IBM).

    In my install guide, Appendix A (Character conversion) gives a table of EBCDIC and ASCII CCSIDs, and it looks like with EBCDIC CCSID of 500, you could ASCII CCSID of 850, 819 or 1252. Granted, for the country of
    "International Latin", there are no related ASCII codes, but if you check all other countries using EBCDIC CCSID of 500, you'll see the ASCII CCSIDs that correspond.

    But, you may want to place a low priority call to IBM and have them advise you. As the install guide says, once you set these codes, it's not advisable to change them because you can get unpredictable results in a variety of applications (we saw problems in IMS and CICS screens with the wrong CCSID).

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