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    Question Unanswered: Can I step in thro' date range

    Hi All, I am using Crystal reports Ver. 9.0.
    My reports is on weekly basis.
    Data is taken from MS SQL DB 2K.
    Now, If data is not present for one specific then I need to print there "NO DATA for this date"
    This date is based on the parameter field that I am setting for start to end Date.Same range I am taking from Database Tables.
    EventDate Threshold
    21-06-2004 20
    22-06-2004 22
    23-06-2004 No Data
    24-06-2004 No Data
    25-06-2004 100
    26-06-2004 15
    27-06-2004 No Data

    Here I am taking date-range from 21st June to 27th June.
    Here I dunn have data for said dates.So is it possible to have report like this ?So that it makes sense that DB was working but there wasnt any data dumping into the database.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hi Chandresh,
    I think this is possible with the help of temporary table. Just create a table having the fields EventDate and thresholds. Create a report referring to that table. According to the parameter, filter the data from the main tables and insert the data to the temporary table and check whether there is data for a date, if not then add that date and threshold as "No Data".
    Now the report will show what you expect.


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    Thanks Madhivanan,
    Thanks for the reply.But the situation is I am using Views to generate reports not the SQL Tables directly.So if you think you have any idea over it plz inform me.
    Also, there is one more query,
    (Its a different case n query)
    in case of charts,if i am spooling reports for a single day,it gives me proper chart , but i dont know why but when i give time-interval of a week it does not give me proper data on chart.So query is how to get data of 1 complete week on a single chart?As u can see,in an attachment I have taken data for 5th to 11th July 2004,but data is not correct.Also,if this problem is solvable then how to order this data on time base ?????
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