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    Unanswered: AutoCompletion in FM6Pro

    I am trying to setup a FM database. Everything is pretty much straightforward except for the fact that I had been using ACT4.0 which had an autocomplete feature that proves immensely useful.

    My problem: I have a value list of upto 1000 items. Pop menus and scrolling down a list is not going to work. In ACT, we simply typed in as many characters as needed until ACT autocompleted the item, in that field, we are looking for. In FM, you have to type the whole thing and pray that you didn't miss a hyphen or some alphanumeric component. I really want to use this AutoComplete feature in FM.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi, sergecosta! Yeah, it can be helpful but FileMaker does not work the same way... it is entirely GUI and does not "watch" fields, per se, but I have heard of folks simulating the auto-completion using scripts and calculations... Sorry, I am not one of those who have done so, though... just letting you know it can be simulated but isn't a standard ability.

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    Try any of these sample files. This is WIDELY used and discussed.

    Clairvoyance by: John Mark Osborne URL:
    Type Ahead by: James E. Mastrianni URL:
    TypeAhead2 by: Steve Wilmes URL:

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