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    Unanswered: Data Retrival Speed

    Hi friends,
    I m using vb6 and access 2000 for my app.
    my database table has around 90,000 reocords with size of 114MB FILE size.
    Which database connection should i used for getting result using like operator. Should i used ado , rdo or dao ?
    I also want to enforce database security for my file.

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    You can get the results with all three, however if you are connecting to an Access Database (i.e. JET Engine) your fastest connection will be by using DAO.

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    Are you preparing your tables before openning them? You may want to try to set the prepare to true before openning. Remember you will need to update your statistics unless your database system does it automatically. The other things you can do is avoid using * in your select. Specifiy the fields you want to use. One last thing is how is your Connection doing its reads. You may want to set it to Dirty Read. I hope this helps.

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