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    Unanswered: Best Approach for Tuning an Oracle DB9i

    hello all

    I have just started a new job and they have asked me to set out a plan to tune the databases and the best method for Performance & optimisation of all the databases:

    Where do I start in relation to the databases: I am using Oracle Enterprise Manager (oracle dba studio if using 8i) and want to know where to start? I am reading lots of books etc for info but does anyone know where I should start and if there is a quick approach to this?
    The database design are already set up with the appropiate table spaces, datafiles & control files.


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    It sounds like you need a lot more info. Way too much to put here. Look for books by Tom Kyte and others on the subject, and checkout the OCP study guide #4 which is the "performance tuning" exam.
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    >they have asked me to set out a plan to tune the databases
    Tune what is slow.
    get book "Optimizing Oracle Performance" by Cary Milsap & Jeff Holt
    get book "Expert One-on-One Oracle" by Tom Kyte
    visit for many, many GREAT examples
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