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    Unhappy Need help on common RDBMS task?

    There is one table called Member that holds personal details (Name, Age, Address etc.).

    Every member, after providing his personal details, has to make decision in what discussions he wants to participate.

    How to store list of choosen discusions IDs and how to relate it with Member entity.

    At first I tried with extra columns in Member table (discussion1_id, discussion2_id, ets). But then the number of selected discussions would be limited to number of columns.

    Second solution that I came with was creation of extra table that will describe relation between Member and Discussion tables. Something like this(Member_ID, Discussion_ID)

    This is a common task (Customer-SelectedItems, Member-Interests, etc), and I would like to know is there any pattern that addresses this problem.

    Any link or Reply would be appreciated.
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    Make a new cross-ref table between member and discussion

    TABLE: MemberDiscussionXRef
    MemberID   DiscussionID
    --------   ------------
    1          1
    1          2
    2          2
    3          2

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