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    Unanswered: how to display message from package to forms

    Hello all,
    I have written package in back end.
    i am calling teh package from form, i ahev done some complex calculations.
    i want to see the intermedite values from form.
    how can i do this.

    any help will be appreciated
    Thanks in advance.
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    Complex calculations? I'd suggest you to simplify them - break one large function into several simple functions (or procedures; in such a case you'll have to have an OUT parameter).

    Then, from the Oracle Form call your functions; you'll need a local variable which will be able to receive function's return value (your "intermediate value", that is). Output this value using MESSAGE or ALERT. Something like:
    /* WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger, for example */
      l_retval number;
      l_retval := pkg_of_yours.function1;
      message('1st function value: ' || l_retval);
      l_retval := pkg_of_yours.function2;
      message('2nd function value: ' || l_retval);
      /* and so on */

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    printing message from package to form

    Thank You very much for your reply.
    Ok I apprecite the solution.
    In day to days work i too follow the same method, but i have a doubt how to print the package intermediate results to form.

    Can't we print the messages from back end packages to form?.
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    No, the only way the package can communicate with the form is by OUT parameters and return values. The server knows nothing about your form, or even whether you are running a form at all.

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