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    Unhappy Unanswered: Several Search Option FileMaker 7


    I have 7 fields that have the similar data (). When I make a search in the first field I want that search to look the data of the other fields without having to create a new search in the remaining fields,

    Any ideas?

    Thank you
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    Howdy. It's not exactly the same thing as you mentioned, but if you want to search 7 fields all at once, you can create a calc field that is a contcatenation of all of the search fields, e.g. MEGAFIELD = field1 & field2 & field3...

    Then, you search MEGAFIELD and it will show all records that have match search value in any of the 7 fields.

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    Use a global variable to hold the search value.
    Use script step to change to find mode.
    Use script step to set field to make all 7 have the global value.
    Use script step to perform find.

    This will only return records with all values the same as the global in all fields.

    Optionally do this 7 times and use script step 'extend found set' each time to add the other records which have the global in ANY of the 7 fields.

    Should work very well either way.

    Make a self-join relationship to the fields in the table definitions.
    Use a global field to hold the value.
    Use a portal to display all records with the global in ANY of the 7 fields.

    Do any of these work for you?

    A clearer definition of the desired result is helpful.

    Good luck.

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    This should give you some idea as to the flexibility and power of searches and relationships in FMP.

    Many ways to accomplish many complex tasks.

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