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    Unanswered: Allow Edits

    I have a form in which the records can not be edited. At times, certain records need to be changed. I want to create a command button that allows only the selected record to be changed. Any suggestions.

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    Well the best way I think about doing it right now is to make a golbal variable let's call it EditOn. Then in the timer event do:

    If Not EditOn = Me.CurrentRecord then
    Me.AllowEdits = False
    End If

    and in the button code say

    EditOn = Me.CurrentRecord
    Me.AllowEdits = True

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    I had a similar way also. For your form go to the Form, Properties, DataTab and set AllowEdits to NO. Next, create a CommandButton, without the wizard, and then go to the Properties of the CommandButton, click on OnEvent then click on CodeBuilder (...) In there you simply put: Me.AllowEdits = True

    Oh, in the Form's Properties on the AfterUpdate Event click on the CodeBuilder again and type this: Me.AllowEdits = False

    Now when your form opens it can't be Edited until you click on the CommandButton, labeled something like EDIT RECORD. Once you finish that record and tab out of it you automatically go back to a Non-Editable form. OR create a CommandButton to set it to Save the record on demand and set the AllowEdits = False there.

    Now you have a couple of ways to do the same thing.

    have a nice weekend to you and all on here,

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    It works. Thank you very much. Have a great weekend.

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