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    Unanswered: MultiSelect values in ListBox, Find Values in Record, Click Cmd Button


    I have a form which has a listbox that lists all Item ID's currently in the database. The ListBox's Multi-Select is set to Simple. Lets say the user chooses the following Item IDs: 3, 258, and 396. After the user clicks a command button, I want the program to find the records that have those Item ID's and I want them to be displayed in a Continious Form fashion. After that I have a command button that adds all of them to the test. How can a do a loop so that the command button code gets run 3 times in this case?

    Thank you!

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    Well...I suppose you could do something like this in the OnClick event for your button...

    Dim CriteriaStrg As Strg
    Dim varItm As Variant
    For Each varItm In Me.myListBoxName.ItemsSelected
    	 CriteriaStrg = CriteriaStrg & "[myTableIDField] = '" & Me.myListBoxName.ItemData(varItm) & "' OR "
    Next varItm
    If Right(CriteriaStrg, 4) " OR " then CriteriaStrg = Left(CriteriaStrg, Len(CriteriaStrg) - 4)
    Me.Filter = CriteriaStrg
    Me.FilterOn = True
    Now...keep in mind, this was just quickly composed from the top of my head and was not tested. I think you will get the concept though. You will, of course, need to ensure that the proper column is bound in your ListBox.

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    I've got a sample that shows how to get the selections in a multiple selection listbox here.

    The Access Web has sample code on using selections from a multiple-selection listbox as query parameters. See here.
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