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    Unanswered: "datpath" error when connecting with pgAdmin III

    please help:

    i am using postgres 7.3-devel version. i created a DB with the command:
    c:\postgres\bin\createdb.exe core

    i then installed the ODBC driver and created a DSN and when using SQLRunner, things seemed to work ok. also, using pgaccess.exe works perfect also.

    and then i installed pgAdmin III and when i try to connect to my local database, i get the following error which i cannot explain:

    ERROR: column "datpath" does not exist
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    don't know

    maybe you should post this on the pgadmin lists

    when 2 programms run ok and the third one not
    I thinkl it's not a database problem
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    i would have posted to the forums but the archives (which surely must contain my answer) are not currently searchable ...

    I think i have a configuration problem and it seems to me that this category within these dBForums are an appropriate place to ask.

    i suspect that the real reason for this problem is that im using postgres 7.4 development branch version and its not compatable with either phpPgAdmin or with PGAdmin III

    ill wait until the final release of 7.5 (for windows) is out.
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    ERROR: column "datpath" does not exist is common with corrent managers for example EMS Postgresql Manager, this is due to changes that have been made to the core of the system i think.

    The only manager i found that doesnt have this problem is DBTools Manager Professional
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