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    Unanswered: Need help with installation of MySQL on linux

    I am trying to install linux on an old linux box which unfortunately doesnot even have a graphical interface.
    I downloaded rpm package from the following site

    I installed the rpm package using
    rpm -ivh package_name.rpm

    At the end of installation, I got a message saying mysql installed. But I have no idea where exactly its installed and how can I start using it.

    I am searching on MySQL site for an installation manual but havent got any success ... please help

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    I installed MySQL on Linux last year. I found the following article for you via google:

    the RPM install should:
    - copy the MySQL binaries to appropriate locations on your system (usually, binaries go to /usr/bin and /usr/sbin, while databases and tables are stored in /var/lib/mysql)
    - add appropriate entries to your system’s startup scripts so that the MySQL server starts up automatically at boot time

    note that the MySQL database is running on your Linux system is the "mysqld" process is running. "mysqld" is the MySQL deamon server process. you interact with the MySQL server via the command line using "mysql" or a host of other MySQL commands such as "mysqldump", "mysqlcheck", etc.

    hope that helps you a bit,

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