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    Unanswered: link table using visual basic

    dummy question:

    a microsoft access book provided me a code in microsoft access module so as to connect to other mdb file's table:
    Sub Linking04()
    'link a specific table in an external database
    Dim FrontDB As DAO.Database
    Dim Lnk As DAO.TableDef

    Set FrontDB = CurrentDb
    Set Lnk = FrontDB.CreateTableDef("Customers")
    Lnk.SourceTableName = "Customers"
    Lnk.Connect = ";DATABASE=Datatables.mdb"
    FrontDB.TableDefs.Append Lnk

    End Sub

    But the external table don't appear in database window. How to make the external table to appear in database window?
    many thanks.

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    Your connect statement must contain the full path of the BE-db...


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