When the PRINTOUT command goes, it show a little dialog box informing that printing is going, showing the number of pages and showing "cancel" button.

It's possible, especially in report printing, to hide this window?

I have tried to use, before printout command, this:

Application.Echo False
DoCmd.Echo False
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.PrintOut acAll, , , , 999

and also, after printout:
dwOK = api_DestroyWindow32(api_FindWindow32("OEcl", 0&))
dwOK = api_DestroyWindow32(api_FindWindow32("OSnG", 0&))
dwOK = api_DestroyWindow32(api_FindWindow32("OArgDlg", 0&))

but printout freeze vba during that dialog window.

There is nobody has a solution?