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    Question Unanswered: Access /wrkgrp parameter problem


    We have problems pointing users to the workgroup security file for the Access database. The users all have Id and passwords and can get in if they join the workgroup with manual steps but this is too much for 300 users to follow instructions.
    Putting shortcut file on network with drive letter seems to switch the stored drive letters of the shortcut so that is not working. The clients are all indows 2000.

    I am trying the link below to avoid drive letters but also no good.

    Is it necessary to include the Access.exe in this shortcut or perhaps some ther syntax problem?

    thank you for any suggestions as we are stumped but it should be simple.

    "\\stsrvr01\fin\dbase1.mdb" /wrkgroup "\\stsrvr01-\fin\secured.mdw"

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    Try this:

    The secured.mdw file secures the workstation to the parameters set by the user profile you setup in Access Security.

    You want to change the system.mdw file to system.old,, or erase it..
    then rename the secured.mdw file to system.mdw

    All databases opened by Access on that machine will require the user to log in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyDX
    "\\stsrvr01\fin\dbase1.mdb" /wrkgroup "\\stsrvr01-\fin\secured.mdw"
    Does it work if you (on one of the client computers which has the problem) map the shared folder (\\stsrvr01-\fin) to a drive letter, for example drive M:, and then point like this:

    "m:\dbase1.mdb" /wrkgroup "m:\secured.mdw"


    Win-XP pro, Access 2002, ADO 2.7, DAO 3.6. English versions of apps/OS.

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    It should work well--- Try this from MS

    Applies to Microsoft Access 2000

    You may need to use a secured Access database that uses a different workgroup information (.mdw) file than the one that already exists on your computer. You can use the /wrkgrp command line option to start Access so that it uses a different workgroup information file from the one that you normally use. For example, to open the database TestDatabase.mdb so that it uses the workgroup information file SecureGrp.mdw, type the following command on one line:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\MSAccess.exe"
    "C:\My Documents\TestDatabase.mdb" /wrkgrp "C:\My Documents\SecureGrp.mdw"

    You can also create a shortcut that makes it easy to use a command line. Using a shortcut is handy because you don't need to type the command line every time you want to use it. To create a shortcut, right-click your Windows desktop, point to New on the shortcut menu, click Shortcut, and then type the command line.

    For more information about specifying command-line options for a shortcut, type start-up option in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab in the Help window, click Search, and then click Start Microsoft Access with command-line options.

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