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    Nasty Spyware!!

    I've been searching many forums and discovered that many people have the same problem i do...
    My homepage appears an about:blank page containing "search for..." with a spyware removal pop-up. I change it and 5 minutes later it is back.
    I have the latest version of Ad-aware, didn't pick it up, and when i ran norton it froze on me. In all of these forums they tell me to delete roots and all this jibber jabber in my registry which i am deathly afraid of! I have absolutely no idea what im doing. I read about downloading cws shredder, but i dont know if that will solve it.
    ALSO: When i check the source for the "Search For..." at the bottom of all the html it gives me a url to comes up with more jibber jabber but when i go to just it has a page where you can type in stuff to says "uninstall software". I would click this but i'm afraid it will install more crap on my computer...and i have yet to make those set of recovery disks for my computer

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    USE HiJackThis

    Go to this link and download the free utility called HiJackThis...... No need to install .... no fuss.... no muss ... simply run by clicking on the downloaded icon that appears and it will bring up a small screen.... click scan and it will allow you to view all Spyware..... and potential spyware currently running on your system. You can also delete harmful and nasty's such as you described...... BUT, you would be well advised to ALWAYS make a back-up copy 1ST!!!!! It's much easier to put'em back if you've got'em saved and then find out 'WHOOPS'!!!!!!! I needed that rather then searching endlessly for what you once had and tossed without a backup!!!!!! Good Luck! Chuck

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    Another Solution To The Problem

    Hi I just want to share my solution. Find fekkcb.dll in your computer (I found mine in C:\WINDOWS\system32) and delete or rename it. Good luck

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    Spyware and adware is the number one thing that is calling me into other people's dorm rooms on campus (FDU, NJ). Please, people... if you don't have it now, get a spyware removal utility and some sort of 'blocker' that will protect you while your viewing the web.
    I'm using ZoneLabs webfiltering, although I don't recommend using it.. it inserts (to put it simply) a cancellation of suspected action on every web page. So for example, if you wanted to log into your gmail account, you wouldn't be able to log in because the pages use java and that gets cancelled.
    For those of you who already have spyware and adware on your computer... The first step is knowing whether you do have it or not. Chances are, if you're unfamiliar with this subject, you probably have it. Ads start popping up at random times.. and if you let this accumulate, it will get to the point where your Internet will stop working, and in some cases... your computer will stop working (like my friend, Tiago's computer.. also my friend, Jakie's computer). Previous to them, I had to format 2 other computers this semester and clean 4 other computers.

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    Agree with RedGamet, here at the office our users take laptops home and really manage to get amazing amounts of crapware on thier systems.

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    You need more than one...

    Hi all

    I've recently gone through some very painful experiences with spyware and trojan viruses. I found that no one program does it all and recommend you install more than one program to protect your PC and privacy. It's really worth the effort if you think about the worse case scenario: you download and install a seemingly harmless program that installs a keylogger that then transmits over the internet every keystoke you commit, handing your banking password and account numbers to the hacker. At the same time another program is sending screen dump image files of your screen every few minutes to another hacker. At the same time...

    If you're a frequent surfer and downloader I'd schedule your anti-spyware programs so that one or a couple run every day (rotating them) - mine run overnight, every night.

    I use the following software to keep the bad people away:
    ~ ZoneAlarm firewall (free version although better is better of course!) - this alerts you to any program trying to gain access in or out through your firewall.

    ~ Spybot S&D: make sure you install the TeaTimer program. Spybot Search & Destroy is a freeby ad & spyware blocker. It also has a TeaTimer program which is very handy: it prompts you everytime there is a registry change enabling you to Allow or Deny such changes. Obviously, a lot of hacking and spying software amends your registry.

    ~ Adaware 6 (by Lavasoft): I've got the freeby version but it's another good ad + spyware blocker/cleaner like Spybot.

    ~ SpyNuker: not free but it does find files that Spybot and Adaware don't.

    ~AVG Virus checker (by GriSoft): I did use Norton Anti-virus and Internet Security for quite a time but found that it did not offer protection so switched to this freeby version. So far, it's been excellent.

    Sorry I haven't provided any links but I hope the list helps.

    Regards - Andy

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