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    Unanswered: After installing Access Runtime - It's broken!

    I hope some of you gurus can help me out here.

    I've developed several Access applications, and usually distribute them with the runtime version that I create with my ODE tools from my system at home. The office where I'm working at now, has installed one of my runtime applications, but now I have been trying to install the full Access program (so I can make modifications to the app here instead of at my home).

    When I originally installed MS Access (full user version, Professional Office 97) I kept getting an error that it could not launch in runtime mode without mso97rt.dll

    I tried uninstalling everything, and re-installing over and over, with no success. Kept going through the registry trying to find the registry entry that referenced the runtime dll and never found it.

    Now when I try to launch Access I get the error,
    "System Error Occurred, or not enough free memory - "

    Any ideas?
    BTW, I don't have my ODE developer tools CD anymore, just the Office 97 professional.

    Richard Spears
    Friona TX

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    There is a Knowledge Base article that dicusses this exact problem with the resolution:

    ACC97: Error Message: "Can't Find the Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) Mso97rt"

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