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    Unanswered: How can I do a calculation?

    I am trying something, and I want to see how, or if I can do this.

    I am using Access to keep track of certain Time clock information. Not the usual Clock in at 9:35 am to clock out at 4:00 pm, but something else.
    I am keeping track of how many times someone clocked in late, or how many times we had to fixed someone's time, because they forgot to clock, and it happens alot too. he hee

    Let's say I have Joe, He clocked in one morning, and forgot and we fixed his time, so he would be clocked out. This Time clock system is on our Computers.

    We have come up with a plan that if we had to fix their time 3 times, then we would dock the person, a certain amount of money, on their paycheck.
    I know cheesy, but it has worked since we started this, that people have come in on time, and started clocking in and out.

    Any way, my question is, is there a way for Access to keep track of each employees amount of fixed times, and then when the 3rd time is reached, it calculates the specified amount to come up with a total, and then reset the fixed times to zero?

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    Create a history table for time changes containing the employeeid, date, original start time, new start time, original end time and new end time.

    Then you can count the number of entries in that table for a given employee, within a given set of dates for your evaluation.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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