can someone please help me with SQL Server triggers and stored procedures. I'm actually converting the sql queries from sybase syntax to T-SQL syntax but still can't get it to work. Here's the code

create trigger trUpdProduct
on Product
after update as
order 3 -- sybase sql syntax. Anyone know the equivalent in T-SQL?
-- I believe order 3 ensures that this trigger is fired as the third
referencing old as old_Pr new as new_Pr -- sybase sql syntax. I used inserted and deleted tables to replace this statement
-- but it seems not to work
-- Does anyone know what statement I can use to implement the update to every affected row?
declare @i int
if (inserted.prSlot < deleted.productSlot)
delete from SlotBank where (SlotBank.product = inserted.productId)and(SlotBank.slotNum > inserted.slotProduct)
declare @prodId int
set @proId = inserted.productId
set @i = deleted.productSlot
while (@i <= inserted.productSlot)
insert into SlotBank(slotProduct, slotNum) values(@proId,@i)
set @i = @i + 1

And here is one of the stored procedures

create procedure AccessAllSection
@p_Id int as
delete from Access where ac_Product = p_Id
declare ThisSection cursor scroll dynamic for
select sec_Id as ThisSec_Id from Section
declare @sec_Id int
select @sec_Id = ThisSec_Id
insert into Access value(null,@p_Id,@sec_Id)

Thanks folks for taking a look at this problem and thanks in advance for your help.