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    Question Unanswered: Custom DLookUp() function

    Hi All,
    Recently I read that when a database is split, it would make sense to avoid domain aggregate functions as much as possible since they slow the performance of reports and forms. I have a similar condition in my database, which is split into FE and BE and I am using a lot of DLookup() functions. After reading the suggestion, I tried to replace the DLookup() function in the control source of text box on report with the query "Select fieldname from table/queryname where condition=somecondition". But on the report the field turns out to be "#Name?". I guess there is much more to it that just a simple query. I am not so much good at VBA. Can anybody help me on tips to write the custom DLookup() function? Based on that, I will also try to write custom functions for DCount() and DSum(). But first I want to get the concepts cleared about the DLookup() custom functions.

    Many thanks to all in advance for their replies and suggestions.

    Kind Regards:

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