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    Unanswered: Alter Table (change column name ) Problems

    I want to use the DB2 control center to change the column name ( and data type either ) of a table. I have set the Privileges to Grand but when I open the alter table(change column) notebook. The column name and data type box were grey and I can't do anything on it? What can I do? And is there any SQL Statement which can finish this operation? THanks very much~~!!

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    Column names and datatypes can't be changed, except from a varchar which can change in length. To achieve this, you can generate the DDL for the table, change the things you want to change in the ddl-script and then drop and recreate the table (using the script). Don't forget to export data you want to keep ....


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    When DB2 8.2 (known as Stinger) is available early next year, you will be able to change these things on an existing table.
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