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    Unanswered: Excel to mySQL with PHP

    I am dsperately trying to find a method to transfer an Excel spreadsheet to a mySQL database without first saving as a .csv file. I have found all the Windows GUIs and the ODBC but nothing for a Unix sys.

    Please help.

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    A solution to the problem you describe does not exist.

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    1) Since excel does not run on Unix, an easy solution may not exist.
    2) This can be done via PERL, regardless os underlying OS.
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    Convert the Excel file to Access. There are many ways to accomplish this. Copy/Paste is the easiest, or you can exoprt to CSV and import from CSV. Go to and download and install MySQL-FRONT on your Windows box. The free version will allow an ODBC import from Access to MySQL. It will cretae the exact table structure you have in Access! You will have to configure the MySQL server to talk to your Windows box.

    Mark Casazza

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    On Linux, the only way I can forsee is to convert them into .CSV and use LOAD LOCAL command.

    One windows, you can use MySQL Front as reported or even SQLyog ( )

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