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    Unanswered: Totally New to MySQL

    Hi everyone I am totally new to mySQL. I have unlimited mySQL on my host and I want to create some sort of form basically a resigstation page like the one you need to post threads here. I would any information on how to create the database in myadmin and also some guidance on how to link it to my webpage as well. I am totally new to this but I am pretty good with javascripting and pretty much all coding to be honest. I just need some good pointers and a push in the right direction to get things moving.

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    Howdy. I'm new, too. Find yourself a good tutorial utilizing the scripting language of your choice... I like PHP. In a PHP/MySQL scenario, you use PHP scripting in your code to establish a connnection to the MySQL db, use more PHP to compose SQL commands as strings, and then send those strings to the MySQL server.

    Here's a tutorial I'm going through now...

    Hope it helps get you going...

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