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    Unanswered: Difficult problem with VB and OPC

    I am connecting to an OPC Server using VB. I can connect with the server ok. I have set up a browser that lets me select the tags I wish to view but I get Runtime Error 424, when I try to read the values.

    result = OPCItem.Read([Tagname], [Value], [state], 0)

    Tagname is a Variant
    Value is a Variant
    State is a Variant

    I looked in the object library and Im sure .Read() is the function I need
    however when I hold the mouse over the statement it tells me
    result = Empty
    [Value] = Empty

    Can anyone suggest why this isn't working or perhaps a better function to let me read the tags.


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    According to OPC DA Automation Specs

    Syntax is:

    Read (Source As Integer, Optional ByRef Value as Variant, Optional ByRef Quality as Variant, Optional ByRef TimeStamp as Variant)

    Example they give

    Dim AnOPCItem as OPCItem
    Set OPCItem=GetOPCItem(SomeItemServerHandle)
    Dim Source as Integer
    Dim Value as Variant
    Dim Quality as Variant
    Dim TimeStamp as Variant
    AnOPCItem.Read Source,ServerHandles,Value,Quality,TimeStamp
    'process the values

    Hope this helps

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