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    Question Unanswered: Displaying reports in web..

    HI everyone!!!

    Ive got a little problem this morning with reports and the Web.

    I created a report that shows all employee's who worked on an perticular project and for how long.
    With a summarized total for number of hours by employees.It works great in DEV mode, but on the web the preview mode is disabled. Is there a way to go around this problem. I really need the report.
    And can it be done without using add-ons for the time being. If not,can you let me know of an add-on that would do the job.

    Ive developed using fileMaker DEV 7. how can I show this type of summarized information, without the help of reports.

    thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with!

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    Always another way...

    Okay, there are several ways I can think of doing this, but for now, let's just jump to the most complex, but powerful I can think of. Since the FileMaker 4 days many of us have been using a trick to create a 'preview' in FileMaker without being Preview Mode. As you are aware that you can't have 'working' buttons in Preview Mode, so my print script do perform the following tasks.

    1. Main 'Print Script'
    Perform Script external Clear Reports
    Go to Layout "Printed Report"
    Enter Preview Mode
    Go Page First
    Perform Script External Add New Page
    Go to Record Next (exit after last)
    Perform Script External Add New Page
    End Loop
    Perfrom Script external Go Preview Report

    2. Clear Reports (in Preview table)
    Show All Records
    Delete Found Set (without confirmation)

    3. Add New Page (in Preview table)
    New Record
    Paste (Container)

    4. Go Preview Report
    Go to Layout (Preview)

    Okay, that's a bunch of code without any explaination, but basically we are create a picture of each page and saving it in the container field, so if your report works fine in FileMaker's Preview mode, then you should be able to get the same thing on a web page.

    On the web all you would be doing is veiwing a bunch of images stored in Container fields, just like any other pictures.

    There are several samples of Preview engines out on the web, but if you are interested I could send you a sample.

    I'm thinking this method would allow you to create any printed layout on a web form. I would expect IE to screw it up a little as web browsers typically do, but the next step from here is to have the Preview engine create a PDF, which could be done with File Toolbox and PDF995- all for free- assuming File toolbox works with FMP7. I have have not tried it as I own a develeper's copy of Troi File which I know for sure will work with FMP 7.



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