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    Unanswered: Changing Query data layout to suit my needs

    i have a query that currently displays the data that i require but not in the relevant way that i require.

    To chart the data i have i need to get two columns of data i currently have 5

    here is what i have:

    and this is what i am trying to get:

    i am not to worried about the spacing inbetween the data.

    looking at my attached Database can anyone suggest how i can rearrange my data please automatically to be two columns.

    on the form within my database is a picture of the chart i am trying to generate but require this info to be displayed in just 2 columns.

    my database has a query that holds dummy data, in my db, i run the query off of a number of tables but for an example have just populated a table with the data.

    Please help

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    I am not sure if you can do that with a datasheet...Maybe having a form? Then make it like the second picture. My only problem is I don't know how to have access just make the correct number of rows, like for the lower half...

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