I am trying in vain to fill a position in Dallas, TX. We use both Dice and Monster but are unable to turn up candidates with the right SQl reporting experience. I was wondering if you knew of some message boards where I might post the following job where I would be more like to reach move candidates who are specialiez in SQL reporting.

I've included a bit more detail below:

It's not a developer position. It's an end-user computing position in a
business area, strictly running raw native SQL on multiple tables in a
database, and dropping the result set into Excel and formatting the reports.
And the SQL can be intense. As stated in the posting this position for a
REPORTING ANALYST. This person will do the following:

A. Receive report requirements from management, usually for reports to go to
customers. Some will be one-time reports, others will run regularly.
B. Use SQL (native DB2 SQL, not QBE or any other tools, raw SQL) to query a
data warehouse to produce the report.
C. Format the reports for sending to customers, usually using Excel.

1. EXCELLENT SQL skills. Not typical developer-level SQL. Most developers
have written simple joins, single-table queries, create tables, etc. This
won't do. This position uses COMPLEX sql to query the data warehouse, which
contains 40 tables. So multiple table joins, correlated subqueries, SQL
built-in functions, summary processing, etc. Most developers will NOT have
this level of SQL knowledge, as they write mostly in other languages. For
this position, other developer skills do not help. SQL queries is what this
position entails.

2. Experience in DB2/OS390 Mainframe environment. Our database is DB2
version 7 on the mainframe.

3. Experience with Excel and basic PC knowledge.

4. LIGHT MS-Access. We do some work in Access, but not much.

5. Prior experience as a contractor would be a bonus.

6. Candidates need to be able to communicate verbally and in writing with
others in the department.

7. You will also need permanent right to work in the US. We do not sponsor

The position will create reports for customers. The position is NOT in the
information technology area, but in an end-user computing environment. The
position will last 6 months (through December 2004), with possible extension
through June 2005. It is a CONTRACT position only.
It is available IMMEDIATELY, so this will happen relatively quickly.

I hope that explains things a bit more. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreaciated.