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    Unanswered: Oracle/OCCI usage for Stored Proc execution


    I compile the statement to call INSERTFOO stored procedure, which inserts into values (1,2) into a table foo from a C++ program using OCCI.

    The program compiles ok, runs ok, however the procedure doesn't execute.

    Here is the SQL string passed for execution:

    As per the convention:
    I first call the
    conn->createStatement(); // and then
    conn->setSQL(strSQL); // and then
    stmt->executeUpdate(); //

    The log file shows the following:
    114123.146678 ====== PID 9054 BEGIN LOG SESSION ======
    T 114123.146584 OCCI create environment
    T 114123.148256 OCCI create connection
    T 114123.181423 PREPARE> BEGIN INSERTFOO; END ;
    T 114123.181709 PREPARED UPDATE
    114123.192502 ======= PID 9054 END LOG SESSION =======

    Am I missing some permissions? Am I misformatting SQL?

    Really appreciate your help.


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    >however the procedure doesn't execute
    How/why do you reach this conclusion?
    Might a COMMIT be needed to make sure Oracle saves away the changes?
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    Thanks. This works. I actually found this out myself as well when I replaced the stored Proc with an actual statement and when that didn't work, I found out that the ExecuteUpdate library call didn't have an update, which I assumed

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    .. library call for ExecuteUpdate didn't have commit (not update) is what I meant.

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