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    Unanswered: Query doesn't find existing data

    SQL Server 2000 Enterprise

    While testing an update script I found that a number of data rows are inaccessible using my query, though the data does exist in the table. I can browse records to find the data or query the record by some column names, but not by others.

    For example:

    SELECT name FROM tblPersonalInformation WHERE [ID Number] = 2358899;

    would not find the data sought. However, if I put in:

    SELECT address FROM tblPersonalInformation WHERE name = ‘Doe, John’;

    the query yields the desired data. Many of the records queried display the specified data with no problem. I have found this problem to exist on a number of data rows, but can’t figure out a reason. The front-end application displays the data without any apparent problems.

    Ideas please.

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    What is the datatype of [ID Number]?
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