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    Unanswered: modal dialog box

    Hi there,

    I need help on the function of modal dialog box.
    I actually want a small page to appear in front of the mother page and make the mother page disable.
    I manage to do that with this code

    showModelessDialog("changePwd.asp","status:false;d ialogWidth:300px;dialogHeight:300px");

    but somehow when i try to run it, error on the script come out stating that
    Internet Explorer Script Error
    'document.changeFrm.username' is null or not an object.
    i actually use this code to make focus on the text box in the mother page.
    can anyone help me pls.

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    in the mother page change your script that sets the focus so that it checks to see if the username field is disabled or not. You can't set focus to a disabled field.

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