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    Unhappy Unanswered: CRAXDRT Error : Missing or out of date export DLL

    Dear all,

    I try to export report from crystal report to any form...
    but it produce the error
    CRAXDRT Error : Missing or out of date export DLL

    What's happening with that..

    Anyone know what's going on ??


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    Thumbs up Same problem - Finded a solution

    Hello Karyatha,

    I had the same problem with a manual-installed crystal engine. I was able to open the report in my asp web app but I was not able to export the data:
    “Missing or Out of Date Export DLL”
    I solved by coping the “Crystal” folder to the %windir% folder, in my case “C:\Windows” in a Windows 2003 environment.
    If you are using a manual installation of crystal, don’t forget to:

    1) Register this dlls:
    regsvr32 "SeagateSoftware\Report Designer Component\craxdrt.dll"
    regsvr32 "SeagateSoftware\shared\emfgen.dll"
    regsvr32 "SeagateSoftware\shared\keycode.dll"
    regsvr32 "SeagateSoftware\Viewers\ActiveXviewer\crviewe r.dl l"
    regsvr32 "SeagateSoftware\Viewers\ActiveXviewer\swebrs. dll"
    regsvr32 "SeagateSoftware\Viewers\ActiveXviewer\sviewhl p.dl l"
    regsvr32 "crystal\exportmodeller.dll"
    regsvr32 "crystal\crtslv.dll"

    2) Create a web virtual directory point to “SeagateSoftware\Viewers\” if you are using a web environment

    3) Copy the crystal folder with all dlls to the %windir%

    4) Make sure users have read permission in this folder.

    Good look
    Josué Monteiro Viana

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