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    Unanswered: Features of new version 7.5 (8.0)

    This is a summary posted on the announce list:

    So what else will be in this next release? With the caveat that these
    features could be removed during the beta cycle, most of the big name
    features made it in under the wire including

    nested transactions,
    PITR, and
    integrated pg_autovacuum.

    It is also worth reminding folks about

    win32 support,
    tablespace support,
    and the ARC buffer code,

    which is making this
    release one of the most significant in several years. Stay tuned as beta
    progress for updates on these features and a complete list of changes due in
    the next version of PostgreSQL.

    Feature Freeze is now. Hopefully the first beta is coming out soon.
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