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    Unhappy Unanswered: Error Handling

    Hi GUys
    I have a problem with a query in access. I am trying to divide two numbers by each other. When I run the quesry it gives me an error message. I have tried to amend the query with the iif iserror command but that doesnt work either.

    can somebody suggest the best way to do this??


    I have agiven an example of the query below

    total %: IIf(IsError([DA Arrests LY]/[DA Arrests TY]),0,([DA Arrests LY]/[DA Arrests TY]))

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    what's the error? div / 0 ?

    try this:

    total %: [DA Arrests LY] / nz([DA Arrests TY], 1)

    edit: I suppose I should explain that logic...

    If DA Arrests TY is null, then the result will be 100% which is mathematically sound.
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    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    I would do the following:

    IIf([DA Arrests TY]=0,"?",([DA Arrests LY]/[DA Arrests TY])

    Replace the ? with whatever you want. But it might be misleading to put in a zero.

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