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    Unanswered: Numeric Overflow

    Hi guys, I am getting an odd Numeric Overflow error that hopefully someone can shed some light on. I have a linked .csv file that I use a make table query to create a static table in my database. I use an SQL program to access an Oracle database and run a query that returns records from a very large database. This is a production database that tends to get very slow at times so we simply extract the data we need into a local copy our department uses. The data is exported into a .csv file as it has 680,000+ records. I link this file and create a static table and sometimes I get a Numeric Field Overflow error. If I open the query in design mode and change the query type to a select query, it runs fine. I can then change it back to a make table again and it runs fine. I really don't even have to run the select query, I can change it from one to the other and it works fine again. Any suggestions? I have checked the data type and they are all consistent throughout. It has me stumped.

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    It seems that when you are importing you are importing a larger numeric datatype into a smaller one (i.e. a long into an integer), when you do the select statement Access automatically chooses a datatype that fits all values. Make sure your import data types are large enough for all values in all fields in your *.csv file.

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