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    Unanswered: Excel import - Type conversion errors

    I'm importing from an xls, and keep getting type conversions for a few numeric cells going into numeric fields. Only a third of the cells are causing problems (about 4000 of 13000). I've gone back and formatted the cells - no luck.
    The field is defined as long integer, the values are all 1998 - 2004. There is no PK, and the appropriate error message appears when importing... fields in 0 records deleted, 0 lost due to key violations...
    I am using a Named Range to import, if that matters.

    I'm having type conv probs with other fields as well: null cells and whatnot. But those are pretty normal around here... 13000 records, 42 fields each, only 20% of the cells are utilized. Maybe I should just do this as a csv instead?

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    i've always found my blood-pressure stays lower if i import/link .CSV with everything set to Text and then do whatever is necessary with some A code.

    import/link .XLS leaves Mr. Gates to do the thinking - rarely a satisfactory solution.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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