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    Question Unanswered: Delphi 4 on Oracle 9i

    We are currently running Delphi4 on Oracle 8i and thinking about upgrading to oracle 9i. I was wondering if there are any issues with Delphi 4 and Oracle 9i infrastrucutre. I have read somewhere that Delphi 4 BDE doesnot like Oracle 9i and should be upgraded to version 6 at least.. has anyone encountered problems?


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    No upgrade for BDE

    THe BDE is not supported by Borland any more and thus there are no updates. Last I heard it was 5.11. I heard that Corel owned it for a while and they made some updates to the BDE.

    In short upgrading Delphi will not upgrade the BDE. You may still want to do it because there are way mor functions in Delphi 7. I would suggest getting away from the BDE and going to ADO but I my self am having lots of problems with ADO. It could however be int the ODBC driver I am using seeing thath I am using Interbase not Orical, so you may not have the same problems.

    Just so that you know, the BDE has lots of bugs when it comes to handleing nulls and Schemas, Triggers, etc scripts with ":" in them will not run properly.


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