I run a site on an access DB, which is in fact running fine (http://bootsandtracks.com).

I do updates by updating said DB file and uploading it. Sometime between the update at the end of march and the current time, something really strange happened, which I believe is an access install issue.

Now, when I open the database on the main home computer (win2k, office XP), the database throws a litany of errors, usually of the "Unkown" sort, but some noting "unknown in query expression xxxxxxxxxxxxxx". Occasionally it did not there was a missing reference to DAO 3.5. I double checked and no version of DAO was installed on this machine (wierd, should be there). So I reinstalled MDAC and registered DAO (3.6, 3.5 cannot be had it seems). That did not fix the issue.

I did the next logical thing--first tried patching Office to SP3. No love. Then reinstall office. Still no love.

The funny thing is that I have opened and manipulated this database on a number of machines, many with similar configurations, in the process of troubleshoot. And the site is still working fine.

I have searched the net high and low, does anyone have any insights into righting this wrong, as I really would like to be able to update the site from home, and dont really want to go through the fun of a full backup and reinstall to fix it.