I am trying to optomize a database, that was currently used on a local machine only but now resides on a Linux/Samba server so that multiple clients computers can access it. The database was created by a third partie and I do not have access to the form data. The network is a mix of windows 98, 2000 and XP Pro. The database for the most part works fine except for a search function that was built into it.

I am not exactly sure how it works, but this is what I have observed: The database is a gerenral contact tracking database, when you double-click on a text field, like last name for instance, it seems like a macro is executed on this event, and opens a new form in a popup menu where you can enter search terms. When the database is running on a local machine the search function works fine. When installed on the network and accessing the database over the network, the irratating thing is, sometimes the search function works, and sometimes it does not. I've experienced this on both a Windows 98 and XP Pro computer.

I've set op-locks to be off in Samba, as I have read that can cause problems. I am pretty much stumped with this problem any advice on how to proceed with troubleshooting this problem would be appreciated.