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    Unanswered: Error in query

    I am executing following query After executing I am getting KAIO OS out of resources error in online.log file
    SELECT dbsname, tabname, lockwts, deadlks, seqscans FROM sysptprof
    WHERE dbsname NOT IN
    ('sysmaster','HASHTEMP','SORTTEMP','sysutils','sys cdr','onpload') AND
    TRIM(dbsname)||'.'||TRIM(tabname) NOT IN (SELECT
    FROM systabnames frag
    GROUP BY frag.dbsname, frag.tabname,
    frag.owner HAVING
    COUNT(*) > 1) AND tabname NOT IN
    ('zip_ix','TBLSpace','flags_text','smi_build_statu s',
    'chunk_adjunc','sbspace_desc','flags_text_ix1','lo gmessage') AND
    tabname[1,1] != ' ' AND tabname[1,3] NOT IN ('sys', 'LO_') AND
    tabname[1,4] NOT IN ('arc_','bar_','msm_') GROUP BY dbsname, tabname,
    lockwts, deadlks, seqscans ORDER BY seqscans DESC, deadlks DESC,lockwts DESC, dbsname, tabname

    My OS is AIX 5.2 64 bit

    Can any one tell Hw to optimise this query

    This query basically selects operationg tables (on which read write taking place) which are not fragmented and not created by informix.
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