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    Unanswered: What information does redo logs save?


    We are working with sap r3 system and an oracle 9i database.

    Usually the database creates an archive (20MB) every 4-10 minutes, But recently we have tried running a new job in the r3 system and an archive (20MB) is created every 1 minute.
    We have tried to run an audit on the sapr3 user but we saw that it is not donig so many inserts, deletes and updates.

    How can I find out what operations is the sap doing that makes so many logs?

    With this amount of archives we cannot maintain a standby database!!

    Please advise,
    Zvi Gilinsky

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    LOGMINER will provide visibility into what SQL contributed to the redo logfiles.
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    Be always aware that SAP was designed for a flat file system and this was ported to ORACLE without any regard for the inbuilt relational functionality of ORACLE.

    So, it has some (apparently) silly traits. Amongst them, it needs humongous rollback segments, it generates enormous amounts of redo log material and you will find that SAP will refuse to support you unless you run archive redo log on. Which has the side effect of generating humongous amounts of archived redo logs. Be prepared to handle them. This is because SAP has no inherent logical recovery, it relies entirely on ORACLE recovery to re-set the whole lot to a sensible state.


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