We've been experiencing a mystery with auditing that has been set up on our Sybase and Windows 2000 servers. For some reason, auditing will stop when Sybase is stopped, and won't restart when Sybase is restarted! This has been happening with multiple servers, and is definately repeatable. When I check the audit options, and make sure auditing is enabled, everything is still set properly. According to the options, auditing should be working, but nothing is being recorded. Nothing related to an auditing failure is appearing in the error log as well.

What we did was to set sp_audit 'alter' on our databases, audit any logins with sa or sso roles, and then turn on 'login', 'logout' and 'security' for all logins. The last thing was to set sp_configure "auditing, 1.

To make things even stranger, when I run the script with the auditing options that I mentioned above again, auditing starts working. I verified before I ran the script that all the options are set as they are in the script.

Any help would be appreciated. This one has got me very confused!